We identify unique businesses with transformational opportunities

Partnering with GPI Capital

GPI Capital is an alternative investment firm specializing in non-control growth and structured equity investments in technology, consumer and industrial companies primarily located in North America.

GPI’s “all-weather” strategy enables the firm to provide customized financing solutions to its partner companies while delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns across any market cycle.

Our focus and impact

We identify unique businesses with transformational opportunities, help them position, scale and inflect to achieve their potential.

GPI serves as a non-control partner to founders and executives of late-stage or mature companies drawing on our data-driven insights, sector / domain expertise and leveraging our network.

Businesses are complex, face unique challenges and those that win, do so with perseverance, agility and vision. We recognize the value of being a partner who is responsive, experienced, patient with a long-term perspective and willing to commit significant capital, time and focus to be a part of your journey.


We seek to lead and be an engaged, value add capital partner with a focus on corporate strategy, operational excellence and capital allocation to deliver financial performance throughout the business cycle.

Flexible Capital Solutions

We provide customized capital solutions to help finance the specific needs of our investee companies, making investments across their capital structure. Our investments typically include common and preferred stock, convertible stock and other equity-like investment structures.

Our approach

Funding uses

GPI Capital provides capital to its partner companies for a wide array of uses.

Transformational capital

Organic initiatives

Funding corporate projects, geographic or product/service expansion, penetrating new or existing markets, platform extensions and growing teams

Mergers & acquisitions

Funding acquisitions, bolt-on new capabilities or verticalize technology stacks and supply chains

Liquidity solutions

Funding governance changes, ownership transitions and recapitalizations

Investment criteria

We invest in growth-oriented and mature companies, based primarily in North America, and across consumer, technology and industrial sectors.

Industry focus


  • Internet
  • Social/marketplaces
  • E-communications
  • Software and services


  • Retail/e-commerce
  • Consumer finance
  • Travel/leisure
  • Services


  • Multi-industry/services
  • Equipment/machinery
  • Transport/logistics

Value creation approach

We work closely in partnership with our portfolio companies’ stakeholders and management to drive significant financial and operational improvements. We have a wealth of knowledge, best practices and a large supportive network to share with our portfolio companies. Each engagement is highly customized to the respective needs of the companies.



Go-to market strategies and market assessment to drive rapid topline growth

Corporate development

M&A, capital allocation and liquidity analyses



Best practices and infrastructure


Organization, people and vendor search

Cost savings

Best practices to maximize profitable growth

Business & market

Industry landscape

Competitive analysis and industry insights and product disruption risks

Corporate partnerships

Leverage extensive and deep network to drive incremental growth and operational efficiencies

Long term, sustainable growth - ESG

GPI Capital integrates Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations into its diligence and analysis. We believe that an ESG analysis is key in the exercise of our fiduciary duty to protect our investors’ long-term interest by providing additional tools and lenses through which we can identify risks and opportunities of our investments.

Our team

GPI Capital’s senior Partners have been investing together across the same strategy for over 10 years. GPI Capital established a core set of operating principles and values, “OLIFE,” that promotes a team-oriented culture of respect and trust bolstered by intellectual honesty, independent thinking, intense focus and an ownership mindset.

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