Our strategy and approach

We provide customized capital solutions to help finance the specific needs of our investee companies


We seek to lead and be an engaged, value add capital partner with a focus on corporate strategy, operational excellence and capital allocation to deliver financial performance throughout the business cycle.

Flexible Capital Solutions

We provide customized capital solutions to help finance the specific needs of our investee companies, making investments across their capital structure. Our investments include common and preferred stock, convertible stock and bonds and other equity-like investment structures.

Funding Uses

GPI Capital provides capital to its investee companies for a wide array of uses.

Transformation capital

Organic initiatives
Funding corporate projects, geographic or product/service expansion, penetrating new or existing markets, platform extensions and growing teams
Mergers & acquisitions
Funding acquisitions, bolt-on new capabilities or verticalize technology stacks and supply chains
Liquidity solutions
Funding governance changes, ownership transitions and recapitalizations

North American and European Industries

We invest in growing companies who have achieved scale, typically with revenues over $100 million and market values between $750 million and $5 billion across consumer, technology and industrial sectors.

Industry focus

done Internet
done Social/marketplaces
done Communications
done Software and services
done Retail/e-commerce
done Consumer finance
done Travel/leisure
done Services
done Multi-industry/services
done Equipment/machinery
done Transport/logistics

Long term, sustainable growth - ESG

GPI Capital integrates Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations into its diligence and analysis. We believe that an ESG analysis is key in the exercise of our fiduciary duty to protect our investors’ long-term interest by providing additional tools and lenses through which we can identify risks and opportunities of our investments.